Crop Biotech Update

Agri-business Consultant Tackles Benefits of GM Crops in Ghana

May 20, 2011

A workshop with the theme "Avoiding Enclave Investments: Integrating small-holders into commercial agriculture in Ghana" was held in Ghana. It was attended by stakeholders from policy makers, academia and practitioners in the agricultural sector, research institutions, farmers and farmer based organizations, and development partners, among others. The aim of the workshop was to discuss the pros and cons of commercial agriculture in the country, and assess if the socially inclusive models can be used to increase sustainable investment in the sector.

Among other topics, the adoption of biotech crops was discussed by a number of participants. Kwesi Korboe, an agri-business consultant, expressed his views through an interview. He said that the benefits of biotechnology in crops far outweigh the cost. He supported his claims by mentioning the benefits experienced by many countries who have adopted biotech crops and hybrid varieties. However, he also emphasized that more education about biotech crops is needed to remove the myths around it, saying "It is a balance. It should be demystified."

A legislative instrument was approved in May 2008 to allow research on GM crops in Ghana. However, scientists are still waiting for the passage of the Biosafety bill.