Crop Biotech Update

Agricultural Experts Push for a Strong Seed Sector in West Africa

May 20, 2011

Participants composed of agricultural experts to the recently concluded, FAO-sponsored Regional Workshop on Seed Policy in West Africa have unanimously agreed to urge decision-makers to support the sustainable growth and development of the West African seed sector, particularly for food security crops. The experts recognized the need to formulate and adopt strategies and policies to improve the supply of quality seeds to farmers in West Africa.

Among the recommendations put forward were:

  • Develop improved varieties and ensure their rapid delivery through effective seed systems;
  • Develop national action plans to support the sustainable development of seed industries;
  • Strengthen partnerships between the public and the private sector on seed-related issues, with clear delineation of their respective roles;
  • Develop the capacity of the formal and informal seed sectors;
  • Integrate a value-chain approach in the seed policies;
  • Develop regulatory frameworks for rapid and sustainable growth of the seed industry; and
  • Ensure the participation of the whole range of actors in the formulation of seed policies.

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