Crop Biotech Update

Rice Development Training Program for Africa

May 20, 2011

The Season-Long Farming Training Program for Africa was launched to help develop sustainable rice production systems and meet Africa's growing demand for rice. Japan will provide US$4 million to train Africans in rice research and extension to be conducted by the International Rice Research Institute and the Philippine Rice Research Institute. The training program is part of the overall initiative of the Coalition for Africa Rice Development (CARD) to increase rice production in Africa.

"Improving rice production in Africa is critical to meet the region's expected demand for rice in the future," said Dr. Noel Magor, head of IRRI's Training Center. "Training young Africans in all aspects of rice production so they know the latest and most useful information and can build professional networks will empower them to play an active role in developing environmentally sustainable rice production in their countries."

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