Crop Biotech Update

Characterization of a Novel Annexin Gene from Cotton and Antioxidative Role of its Recombinant Protein

May 20, 2011

Plant annexins are cellular proteins representing a multigene family that has a role in cellular elongation and development. Scientist Lu Zhou and colleagues at Tsinghua University, China, reported the molecular cloning and characterization of a novel annexin member (GhAnx1) from cotton fiber. At the amino acid level, the protein is highly similar and has evolutionary relationships with the annexins from higher plants.

Results of the study showed that GhAnx1 was a common annexin protein in cotton. Based on the bioassay, the protein has antioxidative function. Results of the Northern blot analyses revealed that the gene was highly expressed in fibers, particularly in the elongation stage. This suggests that the gene could have a vital role in fiber elongation.

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