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What's New

ISAAA Brief 56-2021
ISAAA, in partnership with the Philippine Department of Agriculture Biotechnology Program Office and Biotech Coalition of the Philippines, will be launching its latest publication titled Breaking Barriers with Breeding: A Primer on New Breeding Innovations for Food Security

Pocket K No. 60: Rust-resistant Wheat
Wheat provides about 20% of calories and protein for human nutrition globally. Similar to other food crops, wheat is affected by destructive diseases including wheat rusts. Stem rust alone can cause global losses amounting to approximately US$1.12 billion annually.

Pocket K59: Plant Breeding Innovation: TALENs - Transcription Activator-Like Effector Nucleases
Transcription activator-like effectors (TALEs) are proteins made and used by plant pathogenic bacteria to control plant genes during infection. TALENs are protein combinations composed of two parts: one part is the TALE that targets the protein to a specific DNA sequence and the second part is a nuclease (N) that cuts DNA.

Inside the Biotech Lab Video
Inside the Biotech Lab seeks to dispel doubts and fears about crop biotechnology by showing step-by-step footages of what actually happens when using a gene gun inside a laboratory. The clips were filmed at the Institute of Plant Breeding, University of the Philippines Los Banos.

Top 5 Biotech Crops in the World
The five major biotech crops planted at more than 1 million hectares are soybeans (95.9 million hectares), followed by maize (58.9 million hectares), cotton (24.9 million hectares), canola (10.1 million hectares), and alfalfa (1.2 million hectares).

Pocket K58: COVID-19 Treatment Efforts Using Plant Technologies
Pathogens such as coronaviruses continue to evolve through time, thus, scientists are forced to double their efforts to combat diseases, particularly COVID-19, with the aid of every instrument in our global health technology toolbox including plant-based techniques.

ISAAA Accomplishment Report 2019
This report includes the achievements of ISAAA through the Global Knowledge Center on Crop Biotechnology, its regional centers in Southeast Asia and Africa, as well as the significant contributions of Biotechnology Information Centers.

Which Eggplant Will You Choose?
The infographic shows a comparison of using conventional and Bt eggplant in terms of FSB infestation, in terms of insecticide use, marketable yield, effects on non-target organisms, and benefits to farmers' well-being.

Science and She: Empowering Women in Science
Building a culture that empowers women motivates them to do great things in science that will benefit their personal lives and the society. Their knowledge and experiences will lead the public to appreciate science and make informed decisions about technology applications such as biotechnology.

ISAAA Brief 54-2018: Executive Summary
Highlights of the ISAAA Report on the Global Status of Commercialized Biotech/GM Crops in 2018 (ISAAA Brief 54) are summarized in this 13-page booklet.

ISAAA Brief 54-2018: Infographics
This material provides a visual summary of the key findings of the ISAAA Report on the Global Status of Commercialized Biotech/GM Crops in 2018 (ISAAA Brief 54).

Pocket K No. 57: Impact of GM Crops on Soil Health
Is planting GM crops beneficial or risky for soil health? Our latest Pocket K answers this question using previous studies investigating on the effect of GM crops on different soil health indicators

ISAAA in 2018: Accomplishment Report
ISAAA in 2018: Accomplishment Report highlights our efforts to bring the benefits of biotechnology to those who need it most and uplift more lives, especially in the developing world.

Bt Brinjal: The Bangladesh Experience
Take a peek into the experience of Bangladesh in developing and commercializing the insect resistant eggplant known as Bt brinjal

Inside the Biotech Lab: How to Genetically Engineer a Plant?
Inside the Biotech Lab: How to Genetically Engineer a Plant which is a visual documentation of how scientists conduct genetic transformation in the laboratory.

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