The ISAAA Global Knowledge Center on Biotechnology initiative arose in response to a request from senior policy makers and national program leaders in Southeast Asia with the principal goal to share knowledge on all aspects of biotechnology for all stakeholders, including consumers, farmers, policy makers, scientists, academe, and the media in developing countries. The Knowledge Center collects and distributes an authoritative and well-documented information and knowledge base on all aspects of biotechnology specifically tailored to meet the needs of developing countries. The Knowledge Center uses different communication strategies (publications, websites, videos, stakeholder workshops, and study tours) to help provide an enabling environment for the safe application of biotechnology, and promote the public understanding of biotechnology.

Biotech Updates

The Crop Biotech Update is a weekly summary of world developements in agri-biotechnology produced by the Global Knowledge Center on Crop Biotechnology. Concise news on crop and animal biotechnology, new breeding innovations, and related fields in agriculture are published weekly through a subscription service. The Crop Biotech Update has two supplements, Gene Editing (twice monthly) and Gene Drive (one a month) to feature more articles on these highly discussed topics.

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Biotech Information Centers

At the heart of the KC are Biotechnology Information Centers or BICs. They respond to specific information needs, promote and advance a broader public understanding of crop biotechnology and monitor the local agri-biotech environment. There are 19 fully operational national/regional nodes located in three continents.

Biotech Information Resources

ISAAA develops an array of publications, videos, and presentation slides on various topics. These are available in hard copy, or in electronic format. Many of the materials are downloadable from ISAAA’s website. While most of the materials can be purchased online, hard copies are available for free to eligible nationals of developing countries. 

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