Crop Biotech Update

EU Should Speed Up Authorization Process for GM Animal Feed

May 20, 2011

Wageningen UR LEI has recently reported a study on the ‘Implications of Asynchronous GMO Approvals for EU Imports of Animal Feed Products'. The study highlights the current status of the EU policies and Genetically modified (GM) crops acceptance, in the light of the increasing number of countries which are developing GM products, the EU zero tolerance policy and the potential feed shortages for livestock.

GM crops used for feed such as corn and soybean are already widely grown by exporting countries, of which EU is an importer. These crops were proven to provide farmer benefits through increased net revenues, increased yields and reduced cost of production. The study recommends that the EU introduce a threshold for EU unauthorized GM events that would allow limited liability partnership in shipments to the EU. Speeding up this process would impact and save the European livestock industry.

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