Crop Biotech Update

GM Conferences in Egypt

May 20, 2011

The International Conference on GM Crops will be held at Cairo University, Egypt from 20-23 November 2011. It provides a forum to discuss the current role of GM crops and challenges that threaten agriculture in countries such as Egypt.

Conference coordinator Prof. Naglaa A. Abdallah, head of the Department of Genetics, Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, can be contacted at  Visit the conference website at

The Egyptian Society of Genetics will also hold the 3rd International Conference on Genetic Engineering and Its Applications on New Trends in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology. The conference will be held at Al Sharm El-Sheik City, South Sinai, Egypt on October 5-8, 2011. Applications of genetic engineering in plant production; animal, poultry and fish production; food and dairy industry; and genomics, proteomics, and bioinfomatics will be discussed.

Visit for more information.