Biotech Updates

CAU-Purdue Research Collaboration Forged

May 6, 2011

China Agricultural University (CAU) President Ke Bingsheng and Purdue University President France A. Córdova have signed an agreement in Beijing to create a joint research center called CAU-Purdue Joint Research Center that will address issues of global food security and hunger. This understanding which has been in existence in the 1997 memorandum of agreement, will strengthen research collaborations and exchanges of students and faculty members between the two universities. Research works on plant stress (drought and heat) tolerance and pest resistance in corn and soybeans which are common crops in Indiana and China, will be the main focus.

 "We are excited about the potential of the new joint research center to enhance our already strong partnership with China Agricultural University," Jay Akridge, Glenn W. Sample Dean of Purdue's College of Agriculture said. "It will promote research collaborations and idea exchange between our two institutions, provide a platform for the training of our students and foster future private-public sector partnerships."

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