Biotech Updates

Biotech Crops in South Africa

May 6, 2011

Biotech crops have been an accepted commodity in South Africa and regulatory bodies such as Biosafety Africa make sure that they are safe for the consumers and the environment, and profitable to the farmers. This sums up the interview of Anita Burger, Project Manager of Biosafety Africa Program Manager by GMO Safety.

Biosafety Africa is an independent national authority and service provider for all regulatory and biosafety issues related to biotechnological products. They are mandated to support the South African Genetically Modified Organisms Act that promotes the responsible development, production, and application of GMOs, help realize the potential benefits of GM crops, and also limits possible harmful consequences.

In the interview, Ms. Burger also stressed that GM labelling in South Africa is not about food safety but on the consumers' autonomy of choice. And that the wide adoption of the technology in the country by farmers is indicative of the benefits they derive.

Transcript of the interview can be viewed at