Biotech Updates

Soybean and Sunflower in Ethiopia?

May 6, 2011

Soyabean and sunflower can be farmed and be profitable in Ethiopia, said a report by Landbouw-Economish Institute (LEI) of Wageningen. The report entitled ‘Ethiopian Soyabean and Sunflower Value Chains: Opportunities and Challenges' studied the feasibility of farmers planting the two crops. The report also enumerated five issues to address for a successful adoption:

  • Reluctance of farmers because they have little experience with growing soya beans and sunflowers.
  • New crop introduction demands a focused strategy, shared by all participants in the value chain. · Uncertainties for early adopters need to be mitigated.
  • A focus on sunflowers is preferable, since the Ethiopian menu is insufficient in fats and energy and is adequate in proteins.
  • An analysis of opportunities for soya bean proteins in the livestock sector is also recommended.

The full report can be downloaded at