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Canadians Link Gene Editing with GMOs, New Website on Gene Editing Launched

February 17, 2021

In a survey conducted to assess public knowledge and perceptions about gene-edited crops in Australia, 40 percent associate the technology with genetically modified (GM) crops.

The survey, conducted by a polling firm hired by CropLife Canada, also showed that 35-40% of Canadians believe that GM foods are not safe to eat, even if scientific evidence shows that they are as safe as their conventional counterparts. The survey also showed that 61% of Canadians haven't heard about gene-edited crops. However, after providing information about the technology, such as its definition, there was a significant increase in the support to the technology (32%), along with opposition (25%), and indecision to choose a position towards the technology (43%).

To address the misconceptions about gene-edited crops, CropLife Canada and partners Canadian Seed Trade Association and Canada Grains Council launched a new website, Nature Nurtured which can be accessed at The launch of the website is very timely as Health Canada is currently reviewing its policy on plant breeding techniques, which includes regulations on gene-edited crops.

Know more about gene editing in Nature Nurtured. Read more about the survey from The Western Producer.

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