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Plant Experts Tag Team against Asian Soybean Rust

February 17, 2021

World-leading plant scientists collaborate to identify new disease resistance genes to fight Asian soybean rust, devastating airborne disease of soybean that can cause yield losses of up to 80 percent. Experts at The 2Blades Foundation will search for cell-surface receptors to soybean with the objective of developing soybean plants with improved resistance to Asian soybean rust.

Since 2018, The 2Blades Foundation and Bayer have worked together to combat Asian soybean rust. Their joint approach is expected to provide for various modes of action against a complex pathogen, enhancing the robustness and durability of these independent solutions.

"Asian soybean rust is caused by a highly adaptable fungal disease," said Dr. Peter van Esse, leader of the 2Blades Group, a translational research site of the 2Blades Foundation at The Sainsbury Laboratory. "Working on combinatorial traits with leaders in both academia and industry will lead to a superior and more durable solution to tackle this key challenge for growers," he stressed.

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