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Swedish Researchers Develop Biosensors to Boost Agri Production amidst Climate Change

February 17, 2021

Photo Source: Thor Balked, Linköping University

A group of researchers from Linköping University created biosensors that can monitor sugar levels deep in the plant tissues in real-time.

The sugar sensors were based on organic electrochemical transistors that can be implanted in plants. Once implanted, these biosensors can monitor the sugar levels of trees in real-time, continuously up to two days. The sensors can also be used as a guide for growing new varieties of plants in the most undesirable environment.

Plants use sugars as a source of energy and also serve as a signal for their response to its development brought about by the changes in their surroundings. This discovery could help agriculture increase its production despite the threat of climate change.

For more details, read the article in iScience.

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