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Men More Positive about GM Foods, Survey Says

November 28, 2018

Pew Research Center releases the results of their survey on Public Perspectives on Food Risks conducted from April 23 to May 6, 2018. Results showed that men and women have varying beliefs toward genetically modified (GM) food, a contrast which was also observed across a range of food issues.

Results showed that more women perceive that GM foods are worse for the health. More women also said that GM foods may lead to health problems for the population as a whole or create problems for the environment. On the other hand, a significant portion of the male respondents signified their positive expectations for GM foods.

The survey also showed a 10-percent increase in the number of adults who claim that GM ingredients are not good for the health compared to the previous results of the survey conducted in 2016. However, the increase was evident among those with low levels of science knowledge. No change was observed in this belief among those with high levels of science knowledge.

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