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Crop Biotech Update

GmMYB3a Overexpression Improves Drought Tolerance in Peanuts

November 25, 2020

Researchers from Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences in China used genetic transformation to develop peanuts that can withstand drought without hampering productivity. The results are published in Transgenic Research.

Peanut is planted in many countries because it is a good source of protein and edible oil. However, peanut production is often impacted by abiotic and biotic environmental factors. Efforts on enhancing peanuts using genetic engineering are limited. Researcher Yuxuan He and colleagues used Agrobacterium-mediated transformation to introduce GmMYB3a into peanut plants to elucidate the role of the gene in drought stress response. Results showed that the GmMYB3a-overexpressing lines exhibited enhanced drought tolerance characterized by better photosynthetic performance, higher relative water content, and greater water use efficiency.

Read the abstract in Transgenic Research.

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