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MfPIP2-7 Gene from Falcate Confers Cold Tolerance in Transgenic Tobacco

June 15, 2016

Plasma membrane intrinsic proteins (PIPs) are subdivided into two groups, PIP1 and PIP2. Several PIP2s function as water channels, while PIP1s have a role in water permeability via interaction with PIP2. A cold responsive PIP2, named MfPIP2-7, was isolated from falcate (Medicago falcata), a forage legume with great cold tolerance.

South China Agricultural University scientists led by Chunliu Zhuo analyzed transgenic tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) overexpressing MfPIP2-7 for its tolerance to multiple stresses including freezing, chilling, and nitrate reduction.

Abscisic acid was found to be involved in cold induced transcription of MfPIP2-7. Overexpression of MfPIP2-7 resulted in enhanced tolerance to freezing, chilling and nitrate deficiency in transgenic tobacco. Several stress responsive genes and nitrate reductase (NR) encoding genes were also upregulated in transgenic plants, with dependence to H2O2.

These results suggest that MfPIP2-7 plays a role in plant tolerance to freezing, chilling, and nitrate deficiency via H2O2 diffusion, which upregulates multiple stress responsive genes.

For more on this study, read the full article in BMC Plant Biology.