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Study Reveals Experts' Attitudes towards Governance of Gene Editing

June 15, 2016

A study published in Asian Biotechnology and Development Review reveals the attitudes of subject matter experts (SMEs) from the United States towards governance of genome editing.

Gene editing technologies allow faster editing of several genes through mutational, cisgenic, or transgenic techniques. Such novel approaches challenge regulations on genetic engineering, which are based on the first generation of technologies. The results of the study showed that SMEs agree on some areas such as the need for pre-market oversight and stakeholder engagement. On the other hand, they had varied views on the novelty of the technology, primary issues of concern, hopes for the technology, and regulation. Key statements were revealed such as the view that gene editing offers new opportunity to review and improve existing systems in place for agri-biotech (adapter view); that gene editing should be under less stringent regulation than the first generation biotech (technohype-hyporeg view); and that genetic editing is a fast process that risk analysis and regulatory system might not be able to accommodate the speed of development thus greater caution is necessary.

Read the research article in Asian Biotechnology and Development Review.