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Traceable Drought-Tolerant Wheat Products Set for Argentina, Brazil Consumers

May 12, 2021

Sustainable wheat products using drought-tolerant HB4 wheat will soon become available to consumers in Brazil and Argentina. These wheat products will also be fully traceable by consumers through a farm-to-fork strategy secured on blockchain technology.

The initiative aims to significantly reduce carbon footprint and other environmental positive externalities that help fight climate change and preserve natural ecosystems using the HB4 wheat. The said strategy makes the wheat products fully traceable by consumers who will be able to access field-specific information, climate facts and other important data of potential interest.

The HB4 wheat event was approved for growth and consumption in Argentina in October 2020. Argentina is the first country to adopt HB4 drought tolerance technology for wheat. Wheat varieties with HB4 technology significantly increases yield and CO2 sequestration during growth seasons affected by drought. Moreover, the increase in yield without having to expand agricultural reduces carbon footprint by helping revert agricultural land back to natural ecosystems. This contributes to the transition of agriculture towards carbon neutrality.

Learn more from Bioceres Crop Solutions' news release.

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