Biotech Updates

International Collaboration to Discover Sources of Genetic Resistance to Corn Diseases

February 1, 2017

An international collaboration has been formed to discover novel sources of genetic resistance to devastating corn diseases. 2Blades Foundation and Monsanto Company have formed the collaboration and 2Blades is set to deliver the resistance genes together with The Sainsbury Laboratory.

Diana Horvath, president of 2Blades said, "The combination of The Sainsbury Laboratory's extensive expertise in the molecular basis of plant disease, 2Blades' proficiency in managing the discovery and advancement of plant disease resistance, and Monsanto's proven ability to deliver products to farmers provide a strong foundation for producing new genetic solutions for corn diseases." The collaboration will carry out fundamental research and use of new genetic solutions to reduce crop losses due to diseases.

For more, read the news release at The Sainsbury Laboratory website.