Biotech Updates

Vietnamese Farmers Share Experiences in GM Maize Planting

July 18, 2018

In 2015, Vietnam allowed the cultivation of biotech maize in the country. According to the ISAAA Report for 2017, farmers in Vietnam planted approximately 45,000 hectares of biotech maize. 

Le Thanh Hai, one of the earliest adopters of the technology from Vinh Phuc Province, said that there was limited information about the food safety of the product after it was commercialized. "However, GMM (genetically modified maize) is pest resistant and suitable for the local crop structure. GMM has helped revive maize farming in our locality," Hai said, and stressed that many farmers now grow GMM. 

Tran Quang, Director of the Xuan Tien Trade & Agriculture Service Cooperative in Dong Nai province, said that 150 hectares of the cooperative is now covered with biotech maize and the products have been selling well. 

Huynh Van Dang from An Giang province has been testing to grow biotech maize on 6,000 square meters since early this year. Dang found that there are many advantages of biotech maize farming such as less labor and less time to look after the crops. "As we don't have to spend much time on the GMM field, we have time to take other work to earn extra money," he said. 

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