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Cornell Alliance for Science Calls for Comments for Golden Rice in PH

July 18, 2018

The Cornell Alliance for Science calls for supportive written comments and testimony for the field trial of Golden Rice in the Philippines. The public consultations are scheduled on July 18 and 19 in Nueva Ecija and Isabela provinces, respectively.

Golden Rice is a beta-carotene enriched rice developed through genetic engineering to address vitamin A deficiency, a serious health problem faced by millions of children and pregnant women all over the world. This new type of rice is currently understudy by International Rice Research Institute and Philippine Rice Research Institute. The proposal for field trial requires public consultations. The Alliance is seeking the support of those who understand the value of this new product to speak up to ensure that the research about Golden Rice continues to field trials.

Golden Rice has been proven to be safe by leading regulatory agencies, namely the US Food and Drug Administration, Food Standards Australia New Zealand, and Health Canada.

Comments are particularly welcomed from areas where the trials will be held—Brgy. Maligaya and and Brgy. Malasin, as well as nearby localities. Written comments and statements of support can be sent to Mr. George Y. Culaste, OIC-Director, Bureau of Plant Industry, San Andres, Malate, Manila. His telephone number is 02-404-0409 and his email address is

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