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Farm Babe Debunks Myths about GMOs

July 18, 2018

Michelle Miller, popularly known as the Farm Babe, is an Iowa-based farmer, public speaker, and writer. She debunked myths about GMOs from the point of view of a real farmer of GM corn and soybeans. Farm Babe stresses that 90 to 95 percent of certain crop farmers choose to plant GMOs, and they must have a good reason for that decision. 

According to Farm Babe, farmers are not forced to grow GMOs. "We grow them because we want to and they help us, you, and the planet. Since the inception of certain GMO crops, insecticide spray is down 85 percent, while overall pesticide spray is down 37 percent, crop yields are up on average 21 percent. If farmers can produce more crops on less land while using fewer inputs, less pesticides, fuel, etc., we are going to jump on it. Please allow us to do our jobs," Farm Babe shares.

She also stressed that GMOs are the most regulated and tested products of plant breeding and are proven safe by nearly every major food safety authority globally. No peer-reviewed report has shown that GMOs are risky, while there are peer reviewed evidence that they are safe.

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