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Effect of Biotech Maize 5307 on Non-target Organisms

January 15, 2014

Scientists Andrea Burns from Syngenta Crop Protection and Alan Raybould fromJealott's Hill International tested the effect of insect resistant maize (event 5307) in non-target organisms under laboratory conditions. The ten non-target organisms studied were pink-spotted ladybird, flower bug, rove beetle, carabid beetle, bobwhite quail, freshwater shrimp, channel catfish, mouse, honey bee, and earthworm. These organisms were exposed to diets containing eCry3.1Ab or diets comprising biotech maize tissue and evaluated for effects compared to control groups.

Results showed that there were no significant differences in survival of the control group and those exposed to biotech maize diets. Measured eCry3.1Ab concentrations in the laboratory studies were equal to or greater than the most conservative estimates of environmental exposure. Based on the findings, planting of biotech maize event 5307 does not pose an ecological risk.

Read the open-access research article at Transgenic Research: