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Celeres Releases Socio-Environmental Benefits Report of Crop Biotech in Brazil

April 29, 2011

Over the next ten years, adoption of biotech crops such as soybeans, corn and cotton have the potential to provide significant environmental gains for farmers and the Brazilian society. This will result in more impressive rates of growth in productivity and consequently, a reduced need for physical expansion of cultivated area. This scenario was forwarded in a report "The Socio-Environmental Benefits from Crop Biotechnology in Brazil: 1996/97 - 2009/10" released by Celeres Ambiental, an environmental consulting firm in Brazil.

For the three crops, Brazilian farmers are expected to plant in the next decade, a total of 441.2 million hectares. "One cannot overlook the potential of biotechnology as an important problem solving tool for the conservation of the remaining native vegetation areas," the report concluded.

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