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Golden Spirulina Being Studied in Thailand

June 25, 2010

Golden spirulina is a Cyanobacteria with a spiral shape. It is a sub-microscopic organism normally colonized in ponds or water reservoirs. In Japan, the golden spirulina is quite popular as a high-protein supplement. The Thai Food and Drugs Committee said that it contains 60-70% protein, is rich in vitamins, GLA and Omega 3. Thus, it is also commercialized as food supplement in Thailand with no report of any adverse effect.

Drs. Apiradee Hongtong and Kalayanee Paitoonrangsarit from Biochemical Engineering Development and Pilot Plant Unit, BIOTEC, are studying the molecular biology of Spirulina platensis to enable the production of high-value compounds for the industry. This augurs efforts to develop algal biotechnology research in Thailand.

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