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S&W Company Releases First Ever Group 8 Dormancy Salt Tolerant Alfalfa

June 25, 2010

S&W Company announced the launch of their newly certified alfalfa variety, SW 8421S, which is the lone Group 8 dormancy salt tolerant alfalfa. This variety was particularly developed for important hay-growing areas within California and Arizona, USA and Latin America.

Compared to other certified varieties, SW 8412S is one of the highest yielding salt tolerant alfalfas, of any dormancy. Thus, farmers are expected to produce more yields in both salty soils and non-salty soils in warm climates. S&W CEO Mark Grewal said: "Producing higher hay tonnage is the key to putting more money in the farmers' pockets. SW 8421S helps farmers grow high quality hay with low quality ground or water, and is also superior for ground or water that doesn't have salt. We expect it will sell well in the many geographical areas where Group 8 dormancy is the norm."

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