Biotech Updates

EFSA Meets with Member States re ERA

June 25, 2010

Scientists from the European Food Safety Authority met with experts from Member States in Berlin to be updated on the latest scientific developments and approaches to assess possible environmental risks from genetically modified (GM) plants. They discussed a guidance document outlining EFSA procedures for environmental risk assessment (ERA) of GM plants and data requirements.

"The ERA should follow a step-by-step approach, according to the clearly defined framework laid out in the guidance. Each GMO is unique and must be assessed individually. This requires specific evaluation of the plant, its traits, how it will be used and its possible interactions with the receiving environment," said Professor Salvatore Arpaia, chair of the GMO Panel's Working Group on Non-Target Organisms.

The discussion will enable the GMO Panel and its Working Groups to finalize pertinent documents which will be adopted and published by November 2010.

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