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Farmers in Ghana Hope for GM Crop Benefits

April 20, 2022

Researchers at the University for Development Studies conducted a survey to investigate the farmer perceptions and acceptance of GM technology in Ghana. The results, published in the African Journal of Agricultural Research, show that farmers have high hopes for the upcoming release of GM crops in the country.

A total of 360 smallholder farmers from 10 districts in northern Ghana were interviewed and involved in focus group discussions. The respondents acknowledged that GM technology can be applied to develop drought-tolerant, early maturing, and high-yielding local crop varieties and also help lessen the cost of weed, pest, and disease control. When asked about the issues that may be encountered with the application of GM technology, they identified the following concerns: the high cost of GM seed, unreliable supply of GM seed, possible failure of regulatory agencies, and possible environmental and health risks, among others.

Based on the findings, the researchers recommended that the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, National Biosafety Authority, Ghana Seed Inspection Division, and other relevant organizations to take the initiative to address the farmers' concerns, especially the cost of GM seeds, GM seed supply, and possible health and environmental risks associated with GM crop adoption.

Read the results in the African Journal of Agricultural Research.

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