Biotech Updates

GM Crops to Boost Food and Nutrition Security in Ghana

November 11, 2020

Ghana continues to be open for import of GM crops, with no restrictions to feed and feed products from other regions. This is according to the agricultural biotechnology report for Ghana released by the US Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service-Global Agricultural Information Network.

According to the report, the Government of Ghana recognizes the potential of biotechnology as a vital tool in its national thrust towards food and nutrition security. The administration's initiative "planting for food and jobs" seeks to drastically boost food security and domestic production of key crops such as maize, rice, and soybeans. Thus, biotechnology and other tools for improvement are key parts of this initiative though not openly stated in the initiative.

The application for the environmental release of Bt cowpea has been submitted to the National Biosafety Authority for approval. On the other hand, the dossier for Nitrogen Use Efficiency rice is expected to be completed in 2021. It is expected that Bt cowpea will be commercially available soon, making it the first genetically engineered product in the country.

Download the USDA FAS-GAIN report for more details.

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