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GM Maize ‘Ruifeng 125' Exhibits Excellent Protection Against Corn Borers

March 30, 2022

Zhejiang University developed Ruifeng 125, an insect resistant genetically modified (GM) maize. Field experiments conducted for over five years showed significant results.

Ruifeng 125 can produce an efficient insecticidal protein to kill lepidopteran insects such as corn borers and cotton bollworms. Studies have shown that Ruifeng 125 can provide corn borer control to as high as 96%. It can also decrease the number of damaged kernels which are prone to toxin-producing microbes. Furthermore, maize yield can increase by 6 to 10% compared to conventional maize. “This number may not seem impressive, but the average yield per mu can rise by over 50 kilograms. With 600 million mu nationwide, the increased yield will add up to 30 billion kilograms,” said Prof. Shen Zhicheng, leader of the research team.

On January 21, 2020, Ruifeng 125 was one of the 192 GM plant varieties that were granted safety certificates by China's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. It was the first time that China issued safety certificates to locally developed GM crops since 2010.

Read the news article from Zhejiang University.

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