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Bax Gene Confers Bacterial Blight Resistance in Rice

November 10, 2021

National University of Singapore researchers developed genetically engineered rice with resistance to bacterial blight disease using TAL effector-dependent Bax gene expression. The results are published in Transgenic Research.

Hypersensitive response is a type of programmed cell death of plant cells that usually happens in the pathogen infection site to prevent further spread in other plant parts. This response can be induced in plants by Bax, a protein that triggers the disassembly of cells. On the other hand, Xa10 gene in rice confers resistance to bacterial blight strains harboring TAL effector gene AvrXa10.

The researchers used Xa10 promoter to regulate the expression of the Bax gene from mouse in rice and benth. Cell death was observed in the benth plants after co-infiltration with Bax gene and AvrXa10.  Transgenic rice plants carrying the Bax gene conferred specific disease resistance to only a specific strain of bacterial blight pathogen.

For more findings, read the research article.

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