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Pakistan Launches Digital Initiative to Empower Farmers

October 20, 2021

A digital initiative has been launched in Pakistan's fertile Punjab province to empower farmers with digital agriculture solutions and to create smart villages. This is the first of its kind digital agriculture community network project in Pakistan.

A ‘Digital Dera' (technology-enabled community) has been set up at Chak 26-SP in the Pakpattan region of Punjab, offering more than 1,500 farmers from across the rural belt to help them find solutions to farming challenges by learning about the latest agriculture technology and services.

Digital Dera aims to contribute as an agriculture and food security innovation lab where AgriTech startups and investors from around the country can visit and test their products and innovations in an actual agricultural space. It is equipped with high-speed Internet and will help build the capacity of small farmers latest with awareness sessions in the local language. It aims to empower local farmers through the power of Internet connectivity and access to the digital knowledge economy.

Read more from Pakistan Biotechnology Information Center - Karachi.

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