Biotech Updates

Ugandan Farmer Requests for Access to Beneficial Farming Technologies

March 7, 2018

Ugandan farmer and social entrepreneur, Emma Naluyima, expressed her desire to plant GM crops because of their potential to solve the current challenges she's facing in the farm. 

After graduating with a bachelor's degree in veterinary medicine in 2006, Naluyima started farming. With her professional background and 12 years of experience as a farmer on a one-acre farm in Entebbe Kawuku, she expressed her agricultural concerns and her aspirations regarding GM crops. 

"As a farmer, therefore, all I look for in any given technology, is whether it can solve current challenges I am facing or suiting the needs of the market I am targeting. If a GMO has a certain characteristic that can solve a challenge on my farm, I will gladly embrace it. I am deeply concerned that the current discussion in Parliament on GMOs might result into a restrictive law, which might make it hard for farmers to have access to them. This is not fair to farmers. All I would like to see as a farmer is a law that allows me access to different farming technologies. This is my kind request to Parliament of Uganda," Naluyima said.

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