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New Book on Genome Editing Tools and Gene Drives

September 30, 2021

To help young scientists understand the emerging technologies, Reagan Mudziwapasi and co-authors released a book titled Genome Editing Tools and Gene Drives: A Brief Overview.

Genome editing tools including ZFNs, CRISPR, megaTALs, and TALENs are becoming more popularly used by molecular and cell biologists. These techniques are revolutionizing the creation of precisely edited genomes to change a specific characteristic of an organism. Gene drives have also changed how the inheritance of traits is controlled to address the specific needs of society. The new book contains the history, principles and applications, advantages, and disadvantages of the genome editing tools and different types of gene drives. The book specifically covers the following relevant topics:

  • reviews on the current genome editing tools and gene drives;
  • targeting mechanisms and specificity of genome editing tools;
  • different types of natural and synthetic gene drives; and
  • issues and concerns with gene drives and genome editing tools.

Know more about the book from Taylor and Francis Group.

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