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European Animal Farmers, Breeders Laud European Commission's Report on New Genomic Techniques

June 9, 2021

The National Pig Association (NPA) of the United Kingdom, European Forum of Farm Animal Breeders (EFFAB) and the Farm Animal Breeding and Reproduction Technology Platform (FABRE TP) regard the latest European Commission' New Genomic Techniques (NGT) Report as a positive step, stating that it could pave the way for commercial use of genome editing in the European Union (EU).

The report was released by the European Commission in May 2021 and it concluded that NGT has the potential to contribute to a more sustainable food system under the European Green Deal and Farm to Fork Strategy. The report also stated that the current GMO legislation in the EU is "not fit for purpose for these innovative technologies" and "is hampering research in the EU." Thus, the Commission decided to start a consultation process to help design a new legal framework for the new biotechnology techniques.

The NPA along with the EFFAB and FABRE TP have welcomed the report and its findings. The associations are all in agreement that novel animal breeding techniques such as genome editing can provide additional tools to the animal breeding industry to increase the sector's sustainability and that further research should be taken to fully investigate their effects. The technology, they said, deserves a place in the EU research agenda. The consultation that the European Commission called for provides an avenue for dialogue among researchers, companies, authorities, and citizens in Europe. The initiative can help develop safety data and new science-based legislation to bring more solutions to breeders, farmers, and European society.

Read the official statement by the National Pig Association to know more.

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