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Software Tool to Boost Precision Agriculture

June 9, 2021

Photo Source: Microsoft

Microsoft's Azure FarmBeats is a platform consisting of a set of software layers that collect and process data from remote sensors, artificial intelligence (AI), and carbon emission from farms to help farmers make smart decisions and lower environmental impacts.

Azure FarmBeats can support large and small-scale farms in plotting appropriate intervals for aerial imagery and in the placement of sensors. It can monitor the farms' crop production, and most importantly, the amount of carbon absorbed in the soil to grow quality crops with fewer fertilizer needs. The data collected can also be used for other applications and tools in farming.

Precision agriculture is now made easy because of software technology. It provides farmers with data to make informed decisions whenever problems arise on the farm. The technology also helps farms lower their carbon footprints to lessen environmental impact.

For more details, read the article in TechRepublic and Microsoft.

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