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Mango Genome Sequence Leads to Candidate Genes for Fruit Quality

March 31, 2021

Mango Genome Consortium decoded the genome of mango cultivar Tommy Atkins which can help in global efforts in understanding mango genetics.

Mango is a tropical fruit that is known for its sweet and aromatic characteristics. It has been an orphan crop with limited molecular information. Recent studies have been conducted to develop linkage maps, transcriptomes, and diversity analysis of large collections. Combined analysis of genomic and phenotypic information could help in the improvement of mango breeding.

An international team of researchers of the Mango Genome Consortium sequenced, analyzed, and annotated the genome of Tommy Atkins mango. The genome sequence showed 20 pseudomolecules representing the 20 chromosomes of mango and included ~ 86% of the ~ 439 Mb haploid mango genome. Two regions were found to be linked with the commercially important fruit size characteristics.

Read more details in BMC Plant Biology.

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