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Biotech Tools to Boost Essential Amino Acids in Maize

February 24, 2021

Various genetic engineering techniques could be useful tools in increasing the essential amino acids in maize, according to experts Md. Mahmudul Hasan and Rima Rima. Their article is published in the journal Transgenic Research.

Humans and ruminant animals are not capable of producing essential amino acids and conditionally essential amino acids under normal conditions, thus requiring them to acquire such from plant sources. Maize is a staple to both humans and ruminants, however, lacks a number of essential amino acids. To boost the essential amino acids in maize, genetic engineering provide viable approaches such as single gene transformation, multiple genes transformation in a single cassette, overexpression of putative amino acid transporters, engineering the amino acid biosynthesis pathway including the silencing of feedback inhibition enzymes, and overexpression of major enzymes in this pathway.

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