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MitoTALENs Used to Delete Mitochondrial Genes in Arabidopsis

November 4, 2020

Scientists from The University of Tokyo achieved targeted knockout of mitochondrial genes in Arabidopsis using mitochondria-targeted TALENs (mitoTALENs). The details of the study are published in The Plant Journal.

Using three mitoTALENs promoters and two types of TALENs, the researchers successfully deleted the two mitochondrial genes (ATP synthases 6‐1 and 6‐2) in Arabidopsis. Results showed that the RPS5A promoter was the most effective among the three and conventional mitoTALENs were more effective than single‐molecule mito‐compact TALENs. The deletion was achieved by crossing and by floral‐dip transformation to introduce the mitoTALENs constructs into the nucleus.

Read more findings in The Plant Journal.

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