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UN Helps Developing Countries Enhance Their Climate Change Adaptation Strategies

September 9, 2015

A new program of the United Nations focuses on helping eight developing countries improve and fortify adaptation strategies in facing climate change. Through the program titled Integrating Agriculture in National Adaptation Plans, FAO and UNDP will partner with the agriculture ministries of Nepal, Kenya, the Philippines, Thailand, Uganda, Uruguay, Vietnam, and Zambia to protect livelihoods, enhance agricultural production, and advance food security.

According to FAO, 75 percent of the underprivileged reside in rural areas and depend on agriculture for their source of income. Thus, their climate change adaptation requirements include improving crop varieties to cope with drought, salinity and changing weather conditions and access to new methods of cultivation and modernized water and irrigation systems.

"Our food security in the decades to come depends on our collective ability to innovate and adapt to climate change. The agriculture sector is critical to every nation and is a lifeline for livelihoods. Therefore, FAO and UNDP have joined forces to support partner countries to integrate agriculture into National Adaptation Planning (NAP) processes," said Adriana Dinu, Executive Coordinator of UNDP Global Environment Finance Unit.

Read the media release from FAO.