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South Korea President Park: Make Agriculture a Key Industry

September 9, 2015

South Korea President Park Geun-hye has called for efforts to make agriculture a key industry in the country by integrating information technology (IT) and biotechnology. The President said that in an era of open markets and aging society, Korea should seek opportunities in the rapidly-changing agricultural environment.

During the opening ceremonies of a farming exhibit "2015 A Farm Show" in Seoul on August 28, 2015, President Park said that the global food industry has outgrown the IT and auto industries combined, and that developed countries are investing more in agriculture. President Park promised government support, and talked about bringing together IT, biotechnology, and food processing technologies to increase productivity and marketability, and to attract more young Koreans to the agricultural sector.

For more information, read the news article at the Yonhap News Agency and watch a video clip on President Park's speech on Arirang News.