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Mark Lynas Calls on India to Embrace GM Crops for Food Security

August 22, 2013

British journalist and former anti-GMO activist Mark Lynas is encouraging the use of biotechnology tools to advance Borlaug's legacy in India. Speaking at Borlaug Global Rust Initiative 2013 Technical Workshop on 20 August at New Delhi, India, he said that if we are to win the battle for food security, we need our researchers to be free to use all the tools of modern science.

Lynas added that farmers around the whole world should be free to choose which varieties of crops they wish to grow. He said that Borlaug was an unusual revolutionary and a staunch supporter of biotechnology and didn't want his revolution to stop with him. He added that scientists should insist to regulators and others that there is a need to move out of the simplistic GMO or non-GMO trench warfare and emphasized on the need to work much harder to break the erroneous public perception. He said that it would be betrayal of Borlaug's legacy if we don't allow today's scientists to use the tools of biotechnology to advance global food security.

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