Crop Biotech Update

Public Understands CRISPR Better with Infographics and Videos

November 9, 2022

A collaborative study by researchers from China and the United States found that infographics may be the best way to communicate about the genome editing tool CRISPR to the public. They also found that the consumers are more willing to accept a genome-edited product when shown infographics and videos, as compared to when the information is presented in plain text form.

The study showed that consumers have less knowledge about CRISPR than genetic modification (GM) technology. But when provided information about the types of biotechnology, the consumers were found to be more willing to pay for orange juice developed through CRISPR than the option produced through GM. Providing the information using infographics and videos led to more significant changes in their willingness to pay than delivering the message by word.

The findings provide actionable policy recommendations to communicate biotechnology to the public by institutions and policymakers to gain public acceptance. These are also useful for researchers when considering the advantages of communication methods for information treatments in choice experiments.

Read more in Food Policy.

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