Crop Biotech Update

Study Pinpoints Enzyme Linked to Rice Plant Height

November 9, 2022

LecRLKs (Lectin receptor-like kinases) is an enzyme belonging to the subfamily of RLKs (receptor like kinase) and have roles in several plant biological processes linked to interaction with the environment. A study involving OsSRK1, belonging to LecRLK family in rice, revealed the role of LecRLKs in plant development.

CRISPR-Cas9 was applied to generate OsSRK1 mutants, which exhibited decreased plant height and shorter length of the first internode and second internode compared with wild-type rice. Furthermore, stem diameter and cell length were significantly reduced. The study also confirmed that OsSRK1 can directly interact with gibberellin receptor GID1.

Based on the findings, the researchers confirmed that OsSRK1 positively regulated plant height by controlling internode elongation which is potentially linked to OsSRK1- GID1 interaction mediated gibberellin signaling transduction.

Read the preprint in Research Square.

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