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Crop Biotech Update

ACPFG and Dupont Collaborate on Wheat and Cereal Research

March 2, 2012

DuPont and the Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics (ACPFG) have agreed to collaborate on improving the overall productivity of wheat and other crops. Focus will be on advanced cereal breeding through molecular markers, discovery research for agronomic traits and hybrid seed production in wheat. Efforts will also be on agronomic traits to increase drought tolerance and decrease the need for soil-applied nitrogen fertilizer in crops such as soybeans, canola, rice and sorghum.

"It's critical that we increase our efforts to grow global food production to meet the needs of our growing population," said Paul Schickler, Dupont Pioneer president.  "ACPFG is an industry leader in wheat research and development, and this collaboration will strengthen our ability to bring high-yielding wheat products to farmers worldwide."

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