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Crop Biotech Update

Ukraine Revises the State System of Biosafety

March 2, 2012

Ukraine's Parliament has amended the Law on the State of Biosafety System for creating, testing, transporting and use of genetically modified organisms. The amendments were conducted to introduce the mechanism of traceability in an open system of products containing GMOs or those produced using GMOs and to maintain a scientific and methodological center for GMO testing.

The Act also introduces a number of concepts and definitions and defines the duties and functions of the scientific and methodological body, in particular

  1. provide scientific and methodological coordination of testing laboratories to determine GMO content in products;
  2. provide training and reference samples, and samples of GMO taxa benchmarks in order to create their collection, storage, maintenance and provision of testing laboratories;
  3. ensure the implementation of inter-laboratory comparison of results of research products to determine GMO content in it;
  4. provide testing and certification in the prescribed manner of methods of identification of GMOs, including selection of samples and identification of transformation events;
  5. conduct arbitration at the request of GMO testing a person who is appealing the results of preliminary testing of GMOs.

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