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Crop Biotech Update

New Research Links Crop Disease and Climate Change

March 2, 2012

A team of researchers led by Bruce Fitt at the University of Hertfordshire, Jon West at Rothamsted Research and Dr. Rob Carlton of Carlton Consultancy have investigated links between crops and climate change. Results of their research were described in two papers to be published in a special edition of European Journal of Plant Pathology. The research team used a novel approach to compare pathogen biology to review environmental factors that influence the severity of crop disease epidemics.

The effects of climate change on crop diseases and crop yield were investigated and the team found that good crop disease control contributed to climate change mitigation by decreasing agricultural greenhouse gas emissions. Further research also showed that conventional crop production, combined with reduced tillage cultivation were found to be the best strategy in producing high crop yields that will contribute to global food security and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions.

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