Biotech Updates

CAS Academician Discusses Potential for Bio-breeding

May 13, 2010

The 43rd Shanghai Academician Salon with the theme Crop Bio-breeding and Safety Assessment  was held at the Hall of Science, Shanghai, China on April 13, 2010. Several academicians from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, and experts from national institutions attended the event.

Prof. Lin Hongxuan, Academician of Chinese Academy of Science, gave a report titled Isolation, Cloning and Breeding Application of Crop Function Genes. He discussed biotechnology applications for breeding of new crop varieties with desirable traits and its role in modern agriculture production. "This reform in bio-breeding is irreversible, and we should face it actively," said Prof. Lin. Moreover, he suggested that the bio-breeding industry should be promoted on the basis of scientific evaluation through multi-channel and multi-level public education.

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