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Context Releases 2010 Plant Biotech Traits Commercialized Report – Industry Projections Positive

May 13, 2010

The annual multi-client report Plant Biotech Traits Commercialized (BTC2010) was recently published by The Context Network. The Report is focused on the commercial implications of traits, crop and technologies likely to be developed and introduced between now and 2020.

Context Senior Associate Tom Klevorn said, "BTC 2010, in its twelfth year of publication, is a powerful and unique source of information and analysis, capturing the early history of plant biotechnology, current trait commercialization product pipelines and future products and trends. We're pleased to offer updated material and critical analyses annually and also to continue to build the report to reflect critical issues and developments important to the plant science industry. Beyond trait specific information, BTC 2010 analyzes the projected impact these technologies will have on the future of agriculture, technology providers and growers."

The press release is downloadable at To obtain copies, see