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No-Till Farming Improves Soil Stability

May 13, 2010

A study on the effects of more than 19 years of various tillage practices in the central Great Plains has recently been reported in the Soil Science Society of America Journal. The multi-university study led by Humberto Blanco-Cangqui of Kansas State University at Hays, Kansas suggests that no-till makes soil store more soil carbon that helps bind or glue soil together.

The first inch of the topsoil which is vulnerable to the destructive forces of raindrops and wind is two to seven times protected. No-till is especially important in the Great Plains because of its inherent low precipitation, high evaporation, and yield variability. In intensive tillage, the soil aggregate properties is disrupted and soil organic matter content will be intensively altered due to oxidation when soil particles are exposed to air.

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